Live In Estonia

Photographing the nature and the daily life of living in Estonia

The bird watching area in Paljassaare hoiuala.
A man sat in front of the Estonia's victims of communism memorial.
A women is riding a bicycle as a form of commuting. She is avoiding the e-scooter in the middle of the street.
People are walking and sitting in the park at Pirita beach, Tallinn.
A rainbow after the rain in the heatwave week. As you can see, most people open their apartment window to cope with the hot temperature.
Head jaanipäeva! 23 June 2022 is the celebration of Midsummer's eve. People are gathering near the bonfire with friends and family. This event was located in Šnelli park, Tallinn.
The point of view if you were a cannon operator in Kuressaare castle. You would shoot enemies around the moat and rampart.
A hotel sign in Kuressaare.
Kuressaare harbour and caravan.
The most comfortable way to explore the city is by using bicycle. I brought my bicycle from Tallinn.
People are in line to hop on to the train from Kasemetsa to Tallinn.
In the summer, a lot of people ride the bicycle. The bike lane maybe is not perfect. But, for me who came from a car centric country, the bike lane is really comfortable and safe.
A couple of birds, a man with a bicycle, a couple of old people, and a group of friends are enjoying the summer night together in Taamsaare park, Tallinn.
Trees and weeds in the summer in Kadriorg, Tallinn.
An office building.
People play basketball in a field.
Sunset at 22:45 with a clear sky and the moon in Sikupilli area in Tallinn.
The Sakura tree in the spring season in Japani aed, Kadriorg, Tallinn.
Tallinn TV tower captured from Paljassaare hoiuala.
The cattle in Paljassaare hoiuala.
Inside the Estonian sauna. The water will be poured to the hot stone to create "leil" (an Estonia word for hot steam made by pouring the water to the hot stone).
A girl is sitting alone on the seaside wall and enjoying the sea.
A baby in the stroller and an old man in the sea are enjoying the beach in Pirita, Tallinn. It's a summer day.
A thunderstorm in the middle of heatwave week after midsummer.
The canon tower of Kuressaare castle. It is located in the northern bastion.
The watchtower of Kuressaare castle.
The tower of Laurentiuse church at summer solstice night 2022. The sun is not really set at that night.
Kuressaare castle and its moats. The castle was built around 1380s. There's a permanent exhibition in the castle as the memorial of the red terror by Soviet forces.
A girl is playing with a water feature at Kuressaare city centre (kesklinn).
A rainy weather in midsummer. It's just a normal Estonia weather.
An intersection near Skywheel of Tallinn. The ferris wheel is located in T1 mall of Tallinn.
A seagull walks elegantly in Tammsaare park, Tallinn.
Tram line 4 is heading to the airport in Majaka area, Tallinn.
Three birds are standing and seeking foods at the seashore.
People walks in Päe park and enjoy the summer.
Sunset at 22:45 with a beautiful pink cloud formation in Sikupilli area in Tallinn.
Sunset at 21:30 Sikupilli area in Tallinn.
The stack of the stone at the beach in Paljassaare.
The Ilvese bridge is a bridge designated for bicycle, e-scooter, and pedestrian. It is located between Majaka and Torupilli area.
A woodpile to heat the sauna.
St. Olaf's church from the seaside angle.
A black-headed gull is standing at the boat traffic light in Tallinn harbour.
A lot of wild flower in everywhere in Tallinn in the summer.
The mechanic inside the post mill of Kuressaare castle.
The stone of the Kuressaare castle's gate.
The beautiful summer landscape somewhere near Linnulaht, Saarema.
Some windows of Kuressaare castle.
Free public transport for everyone in Kuressaare. The capital of Saare county. The city is a home of around 13 thousands people.
A woman is calling for someone on the phone in Kasemetsa train station, Kajamaa, Harju County.
Sunset at 9:56pm near Sikupilli kaubanduskeskus, Tallinn.
Flowers are blooming in a bridge around Pallasti street, Tallinn.
St. Olaf church from is seen from Majaka platform.
Cyclists are crossing the street in Pirita.
Wild rapeseed flowers in Tallinn.
A light house near Päe lake in Tallinn.
A wheelbarrow in front of a pile of snow near Kunsti Muuseum in Tallinn.
Valge tower in Paljassaare hoiuala.
The e-scooter is a common transportation for commuting in Tallinn. There are some companies who rent it.
A woman is driving a car on the street at the edge of Tallinn airport's runway.
Owning a bicycle really help my photography hobby. It makes me easy to explore and photograph the city.
People are crossing Admirali jalakäijate sild (pedestrian bridge) in Tallinn harbour.
Tallinn city's skyline in the Midsummer's eve. It is the time when dusk meet dawn, because the sun doesn't really set. The photo was taken at 00:30.
The padlock of the post mill of Kuressaare castle.
A seagull is flying in the blue and clear sky.
Suur Tõll ja Piret (The great Tõll and his wife, Piret) sculpture. They are mythical hero of Saaremaa.
The windmill of the Kuressaare fortress is located on the western bastion. The restoration of the mill of Kuressaare fortress was sponsored by Altia Estonia and Saaremaa Vodka. The post mill was built by Hiiumaa windmill builders in collaboration with Masters of Saaremaa Windmills.
Kuivastu sadam (Kuivastu harbour) this the main harbour if you want to go to Saaremaa from Estonia mainland.
Tallinn train station in Baltijaam. This is an intercity train station to travel inside Estonia.
Sokos Hotel Viru was the first high-rise building in Estonia. It was first opened on 5 May 1972, and inseparable with the Tallinn cityscape.
Russalka mälestussammas (Russalka memorial) is a monument to mark the ninth anniversary of the sinking of the Russian warship Rusalka, which sank en route to Finland in 1893. It was sculpted by Amandus Adamson, an Estonian sculptor.
People are walking and riding on Ilvese bridge.
A cyclist is relaxing on the lap of Gustavi monument in Lauluväljak, Tallinn.
A man is riding an electric scooter.
The tram is approaching Paberi tram stop in Tallinn.